About Us

Baeid is a renowned business consulting firm owned by committed and talented team of Afghan professionals that constantly strive for innovative and valuable approaches to give freepormvideos xxx porno lesbian our clients a competitive edge.
The company is incorporated in 2010 and duly registered with the Afghanistan Investment Supporting Agency (AISA), under the license number (D-0000). For more than 5 years, we have been supporting private sector companies smartessayrewriter.com, government organizations, and national & international donor NGOs in the specialized area of Tax, Audit, Finance, and Research & Surveys, helping them to improve the sustainability of their competitiveness and performance capabilities by providing them with the tailor-made solutions as a result of a blend of advanced skills, professional consultancy and freepormvideos xxx porno lesbian international expertise. Moreover, we offer our clients solutions in all fields of corporate consulting, strategy, organization, Operations, Policy, HR, & Marketing management.