The main purpose of the audit of the financial statements is to evaluate the trueness and fairness of the statements according to the applicable financial reporting framework such as GAAP. This audit opinion greatly enhances the credibility of the financial statements with users such as shareholders, creditors, lenders, and other direct or indirect stakeholders; based on this opinion, users of the financial statements are more likely to provide funding to a business, possibly in a reduced cost of capital to the entity.

Our clients engage us because they know that our audit department provides their services with independence, objectivity, and credibility and rely on our professional reputation and feel confident about the issued report. Our audit report means that we have examined a client’s books and accounts thoroughly according to the prevalent standards and provided an informed opinion on the true and fair of the financial statements. We use risk based audit approach to identify the risk areas that may lead to misstatement of financial statements.

However, some of our clients might not require an audit, perhaps due to the size of their company or external parties which don’t require a high level of assurance; as a result, we offer and provide less extensive work which is called review engagement.

Typical auditing services that we offer to our clients may include:

  • External Audit
  • Internal Audit
  • Review Engagement
  • Due Diligence Review